When you place your order and pay for it, our verification manager will call you to confirm. This call will be placed by the manager to confirm the order, shipment information, and customer availability. Following the conclusion of the call for confirmation, you will receive an email with a summary of the product and an expected delivery date, thereby confirming the order. The order ID will also be included in the email so you can refer to it.

Will there be any additional fees for the battery I buy, such as Service Tax?

The pricing for the batteries and inverters listed on the website are set, all-inclusive rates. There are no hidden fees, service taxes, or any extra expenses in them. You’ll pay the amount displayed on the page exactly.

Is it feasible for me to choose a delivery time that works for me?

All you have to do is wait for our verification manager to call you to confirm the order details after placing the battery order. You will also be questioned about your availability during this conversation. As soon as our verification manager has confirmed your order, we typically dispatch the battery within 1 to 8 hours. However, you can specify a delivery time that works for you. Due to a variety of factors, like a traffic jam, inclement weather, political unrest, or product unavailability, it is not always possible to deliver at the precise time specified. Additionally, keep in mind that only orders verified before 5 PM are eligible for this. If an order is confirmed after 5 PM, we cannot guarantee same-day delivery.

Will I get charged batteries?

Your batteries will be fully charged when you receive them. As soon as they are installed, they will be usable.

How much will be deducted from my account if I return the battery?

If order cancelled by customer or if battery found to be OK in that case service charges will be applicable min Rs 50/.

Exactly when will your service charge be applicable?

If the delivery distance is greater than 22 to 25 km, a service fee will be charged (discuss on whats app 799-299-7999 prior booking).

Which scenario will result in an additional 2% service charge?

2% additional service fee is applied if the consumer uses credit card (Master or Visa).

What are the other options available for payment?

Netbanking, IMPS, Gpay, PhonePe & Cash On Delivery option is available.

When I receive the battery, who will handle the after-sales service?

Like with most products, the after-sales support is handled by the battery manufacturer. The best course of action for you to take if you purchased a battery from us and it develops a problem during its warranty period is to get in touch with the battery manufacturer. For instance, you must get in touch with Exide Care if your Exide battery that is covered by warranty has to be tested. Once the product has passed its warranty period, all you have to do is visit our website and select “BOOK BATTERY SERVICE(https://batterydukan.com/book-battery-service/); the rest will be handled by us.

What are the general reasons that make a car battery weak?

A car battery might degrade for a number of reasons. You must be aware of them. You may properly maintain it and lengthen its lifespan in this way. Driving in an aggressive or hasty manner is the most frequent cause of battery failure. The battery becomes weak when it is heavily used for things like air conditioning, a music system, and lighting.

How will I know that my car battery is facing problems and needs to be repaired?

There are a few broad warning signals that your car’s battery is going old. You will recognize the necessity for a replacement at this point. These warning signals include:

  • Problems with the heating and cooling systems in the car.
  • The different electrical devices that are in the car will stop functioning properly. 
  • The headlights of your car start to look dim or dull whenever your car is at idle and then it starts to brighten when you rev the car’s engine. 
  • You will see a face a lot of problems whenever you are trying to start/ignite the engine of your car.

How is it possible for me to maintain the battery of my car?

You can improve the performance and, of course, the life of your car’s battery if you learn how to properly maintain it. To ensure that the longevity of your car battery is maintained, you only need to adhere to these crucial recommendations. Just keep in mind to strictly adhere to them, as failing to do so could result in harmful and serious issues. You prevent corrosion, be sure to regularly brush the dust off of your car’s battery. Both the battery surface and the casing need to be cleaned.

  • Even then if you find some sort of corrosion in the battery of your car, clean it off by using the solution of baking soda. 
  • Keep inspecting for different sorts of damages in the battery. Also, make sure it is always fully charged. Do not forget the wires which connect the battery completely clean. 
  • Lubricate the battery cables with Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly regularly.  
  • If the car battery is in an idle condition, switch off all the electronic devices.  

Make sure the fluid level in the battery is constantly full. Keep an eye on it.