How to choose the finest inverter & battery online from

How to choose the finest inverter & battery online from

Technology and development have made humans more and more reliant on energy for their daily needs. Nowadays, a steady supply of power is more than just a luxury demand because even the smallest devices depend on it. Power outages and cuts disrupt daily life whether they occur at home or at work, for brief intervals or longer periods of time.

Inverter batteries might be thought of as a prudent investment if you want to guarantee an uninterrupted power source year-round. An Exide inverter battery may ensure that your electronic gadgets stay charged and that you can continue working in the event of a sudden power outage in addition to providing the assurance that you won’t need to be without power for an extended period of time. Battery Dukan deal with all types of Exide batteries and inverters.

Following these steps will help you choose your inverter and its batteries from :

1. One of the first things to do before choosing to get an inverter battery for your home or workplace is to determine your power needs. It’s a good idea to estimate the load or power backup needed depending on the number of appliances to be used, their overall wattage, and other factors before making the purchase. We in Battery Dukan allows you calculate your power needs by a simple power calculator. You can click the link mentioned or can go to home page- click on “CONFIGURE YOUR INVERTER“.  Just enter your usage list and it will calculate your total load requirements.

2. The second most crucial stage, which directly relates to the whole load that needs to be handled, is to confirm inverter capacity. The inverter capacity, or the voltage and current that the inverter supplies to the equipment in your house or business, is indicated by the Volt Ampere (VA) rating. It is rare for inverters to have a 100% efficiency rating, thus before selecting the best inverter with the appropriate VA rating, one must consider the average power factor efficiency of roughly 80%. You will get this calculation easily by the end result of STEP 1.

3. The Ah rating for the battery will also be considered while selecting the suitable one. The battery capacity, or how long it will be able to provide backup power in the event of a power outage, is indicated by the unit Ah (Ampere Hours). Once you got your load requirements from Step 1, you select your invereter as per your need, then from that load requirement you calculate your needed back up time so that you can select your battery. If any doubt in selecting your inverter or inverter battery,you can Call/Whatsapp Battery Dukan anytime at 799-299-7999.

4. Before making an outright purchase of a power backup system, examine the electrical wiring at the location and speak with an electrician. It is simple to set up an inverter for a full home or business, but it would require a substantial expenditure. As a result, it’s standard practise, particularly with houses, to set up inverter support for just a few picky fans, lights, or appliances. Because of this, it’s crucial to verify that the electrical wiring can be set up appropriately before choosing an inverter or battery online from

Battery Dukan, a reputable online power solution provider, offers you Exide, Microtek & Amaron brands inverters and batteries that are low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and packed with cutting-edge technology. Visit the “Configure Your Inverter” area of our website or give us a call at 799-299-7999 to find out which inverter and battery are best for your home use. We have Inverter and Batteries, which are inexpensively priced, might be your “friend-in-need” during power outages, particularly in India’s hot and muggy summertime.

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