How to get the best price on a tubular inverter battery

Want to purchase a tubular inverter battery? Battery Dukan can help you get the best tubular inverter battery at the price you choose. A large selection of branded and high-performing tubular inverter batteries are available at Battery Dukan. See our collection of tubular inverter batteries below:

• EXIDE INVATUBULAR: With a lifespan of up to 1200 cycles, this inverter battery is of the highest calibre. They have larger plates and a powerful structure. One of the most often used tubular inverter batteries is one with a 66-month warranty and more electrolyte per amp hour.

• EXIDE INVAMASTER: The battery can handle a deep discharge and is of a standard range. It goes through 1000 cycles and has a tubular plate design. A 60-month warranty is provided.

• EXIDE TUBEMASTER: Each person’s needs are met by this selection of inverter batteries. A 54-month warranty is included with them.

When the mains fail or the input voltage drops, lead acid batteries made for “Home UPS & Inverter Applications” will make sure that there is always steady, regulated power available.

The INVA Range of Tubular Batteries from Exide are designed specifically for use with home UPS and inverter systems. They have tough internal components needed to resist frequent and protracted power outages. A long life is guaranteed by the thick tubular plates cast in high pressure (100 bar) Hadi Casting machines, and an even better voltage profile on discharge is guaranteed by the inter-cell connections made through partitions. The outcome is a consistent discharge during extended power outages and increased service life.

How to Buy: 

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