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Warranty: 60 Months (36 Months Full Replacement + 24 Months Pro Rata)
 Capacity: 180 AH
 Type: Tall Tubular Battery



Exide INVAMASTER IMTT1800, 12V Tall Tubular Battery IMTT 1800 @ C20 is ideal for UPS Inverter applications for Home, Office, and Shops. guarantees the availability of continuous, regulated power backup in the event of a mains outage or drop in input voltage.

These batteries are designed specifically for use with home inverter and backup power systems. suitable for withstanding prolonged and frequent power outages. A long life is guaranteed by the thick tubular plates formed in high pressure (100 bar) Hadi casting machines.

The active substance of these batteries is sealed inside gauntlets made of polyester. To prevent anodize corrosion and extend battery life, the spines that make up the positive plate’s backbone are cast under high pressure from a low antimony lead alloy with selenium, copper, tin, and arsenic.

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  • 180AH, 12V @ C20 Rating Tall Tubular Battery Inverter UPS
  • Lead Acid Storage Type.
  • 60 months* warranty ( 36 Free replacement + 24 Pro-rata warranty )
  • 1000 Cycles @ 80% DOD
  • Suitable for Deep Discharge
  • Suitable for frequent and Prolonged power cuts
  • Extra Thick Tubular Plates for durability, resistant to corrosion.
  • Resistant to High Ambient Temperature
  • High-reliability and extended cycle life
  • Long Lasting Performance.
  • Easy handling/spill-proof
  • Fume and Leak resistant
  • Supplied in factory-charged condition
  • Low maintenance: Float/float guide to indicate electrolyte level

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Weight 66 kg
Dimensions 53.5 × 21.5 × 48 cm


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