Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH

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Warranty: 55 Months (30 Months Full Replacement + 25 Months Pro Rata)
 Capacity: 68 AH


Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH Description

Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH batteries are built with a robust construction to withstand demanding application conditions and Excellent spill-resistant qualities are provided by the special side vented cover design, which also offers double cladding separation for high dependability and longevity. They have a Magic Eye for checking the electrolyte content and state-of-charge and are made to endure high temperatures. These batteries are pre-charged and ready to use when they leave the factory. This is the newest battery model from Exide Industries, and it doesn’t use punch grid technology.


  • Special side vented cover design – excellent spill-resistant characteristics.
  • Magic Eye – for determination of electrolyte level and state-of-charge.
  • Easy to use – comes factory-charged and in ready-to-use condition.
  • Robust design – to take care of stringent application requirements.
  • Double clad separation – high reliability and life expectancy.


Model- Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH
Capacity- 68 AH
Warranty- 55 Months (30 Months Free + 25 Months Pro Rata)
Battery Layout- Left Layout

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Weight 17.2 kg
Dimensions 23.1 × 17.5 × 22.3 cm


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