Exide Mileage MLDIN44R

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Warranty: 55 Months (30 Months Full Replacement + 25 Months Pro Rata)
 Capacity: 44 AH


Exide Mileage MLDIN44R Description

Exide Mileage MLDIN44R batteries have Robust design to meet stringent application requirements. Special side vented cover design offers excellent spill-resistant characteristics and Double clad separation provides high reliability and life expectancy. Made to withstand high temperatures, these batteries come with Magic Eye for checking electrolyte level and state-of-charge. It is factory-charged and are ready-to-use. This is the latest model introduced by Exide Industries and its a non punchgrid technology battery. The CCA as per SAE is 380. The most cutting-edge Punch Grip technology for high-performance, long-life batteries is used in the construction of battery. These batteries have a high level of corrosion resistance since their perforated plates from rolled sheet are used in their construction. Additionally, strengthening enhances electrical and motorised performance.

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  • Special side vented cover design – excellent spill-resistant characteristics.
  • Magic Eye – for determination of electrolyte level and state-of-charge.
  • Easy to use – comes factory-charged and in ready-to-use condition.
  • Robust design – to take care of stringent application requirements.
  • Double clad separation – high reliability and life expectancy.


Model- Exide Mileage MLDIN44R
Capacity- 44 AH
Warranty- 55 Months (30 Months Free + 25 Months Pro Rata)
Battery Layout- Right Layout

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Tata Bolt Petrol, Tata Indigo Manza Petrol, Tata Zest Petrol, Tata Tigor Petrol , Tata Tiago Petrol,

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 20.7 × 17.5 × 19 cm


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