Exide SolarBlitz 6SBZ150 (150AH)

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Warranty: 36 Months Full Replacement
 Capacity: 150 AH
 Type: Tubular Battery


Exide SolarBlitz 6SBZ150 (150AH)


Exide SolarBlitz 6SBZ150 battery is a battery with 150AH and 12V. Enjoy ideal power backup solutions for your home with Exide SolarBlitz 6SBZ150! When compared to comparable products on the market, Exide’s SolarBlitz 6SBZ150 tubular batteries are far superior. The carefully chosen alloy, high pressure casting in HADI machines, in-house oxide formulation, imported microporous separators, and vent plugs are the factors that make this product function significantly better. Low antimony alloy in the positive spine and ceramic vent plugs limit the need for water topping up to a minimum. These characteristics guarantee lengthy battery life and make the batteries a dependable power storage option.

Lead acid storage batteries called Exide tubular batteries are made for home UPS, solar, and inverter applications, providing continuous, regulated power in the event of a mains failure or drop in input voltage.

This 150 AH Solar Inverter battery is worth for Money spent because it can give 4.5 – 6 Hours Backup on 400 – 300 watts Load and Dimension of this 150AH Solar / Inverter battery is (550*187*421) mm. The Average life of this battery is more than 5 years.

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  • Rugged Torr Tubular Positive plate
  • Superior Performance, High Reliability & Longer service life
  • Specially designed for Solar and inverter application – Available in 12V Range
  • Ideal for frequent deep cycles – Excellent Cycle Life
  • High recharge efficiency
  • Low rate of self discharge
  • Low maintenance


Dimension- 550 x 187 x 421
Battery type- Short Tubular
Warranty- 36 Months Replacement
Weight- 61 Kg

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