Exide Xpress XP1000

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 Warranty: 36 Months (18 Months Full Replacement + 18 Months Pro Rata)
 Capacity: 100 AH


Exide Xpress-XP1000

Exide Xpress XP1000 heavy-duty batteries are created utilising a specific hybrid alloy to endure the tough Indian environment. Heavy-duty commercial vehicle batteries with a special hybrid alloy system that requires less maintenance. Highly resilient and leak-proof, it has improved rechargeability and is usable shortly after installation. You can rapidly check the electrolyte level thanks to the built-in Magic Eye. Exide Express XP1000 batteries are the most often used in this market due of their low water loss, which makes them maintenance-free.

Brand Exide
Battery Model FXP0-XP1000
Battery Series Xpress
Battery Rating  100AH
Warranty 18 Months
Pro-rated Warranty 18 Months
Nominal Voltage 12 Volts
Application of Usage Automotive
Dimensions (L*W*H) in mm 410(L)x176(W)x233(H)
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 28.1 Kgs

Note: Specifications may subject to change without prior notice

Warranty36 Months*
(18 Months Full Replacement + 18 Months Pro Rata)
 Capacity:12v. 100AH Battery


  • Withstands bumps and vibrations: Special polypropylene container with strengthening ribs makes the battery strong enough to withstand severe operating conditions and arduous vibrations in service
  • Made for the Indian environment: The use of a special Hybrid Alloy System ensures that the battery can withstand the Indian environment and high under-bonnet temperatures
  • Improved cycle life: Double-clad separation in the form of a unique rib-free separator profile, reinforced with texturized glass mat, provides surface support to the active material, thereby improving cycle life and resistance to bumps and vibrations
  • Quick recharge: Unique tree radial grid design, lower internal resistance, and special paste chemistry enhance the recharging capability of the battery during use
  • Magic eye: Easy to ascertain the state of the charge as well as the electrolyte level of the battery
  • Enhanced safety: Micro-porous filter disc in vent openings help arrest acid fumes and restrict spark propagation inside the battery
  • Leak-resistant design: Side vented lid with electrolyte flow back system reduces the chance of electrolyte leakage during handling
  • Maintenance-free: Requires topping up only once in 6 months. Special alloy ensures low water loss during high-temperature operations
  • Ready-to-use: Batteries delivered factory-charged in ready-to-use condition
  • Exide Xpress range is a flat plate flooded lead-acid battery that conforms – IS 14257-1995, JIS-D5301-1999 & I S7372-1995 standard.

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Weight 28.1 kg
Dimensions 41 × 17.6 × 23.3 cm


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