We at Battery Dukan are aware that occasionally you might want to send us a product back. We’ve made this cancellation & returns policy so you can return items to us in the proper situations, such as if you ordered an item in error or you think your batteries could be damaged.


You will nevertheless be permitted to return a product to us in the following circumstances even if you have no other legal right to do so:

(a) within seven days of the product’s purchase date, we receive the returned item;

(b) The returned item is undamaged, in its original, unopened packaging, with any seals or shrink-wrap intact, with any labels remaining attached, and in any other circumstances that would allow us to sell it to you as brand-new.

Procedure for returns

You must: Make arrangements for the battery to be returned to our location in order to take advantage of your rights under our return policy. You may either organise this on your own via a national courier or we can handle it for you for Rs. 200. Depending on where you are, this price can be different. If a product is being returned under warranty, this fee will be reimbursed if the product is found to be defective and a replacement will be provided at no additional cost. Your guarantee will remain in effect from the original purchase date if the goods is discovered to be in good operating condition.


Within seven days of your purchase, you may return any item in line with the conditions of this returns policy for a full refund, minus the cost of shipping the item back to us.

What is the permissible cancellation period for orders and how much does it cost to cancel them?

After a consumer places an order on our website or by phone, we typically deliver the order within a few hours. And for this reason, we must get the order out as soon as we get the request. Therefore, the cancellation period must be quite brief. Nevertheless, if you contact within an hour of the merchandise being dispatched for delivery to you, we will accept your cancellation of the order.In other words, if you wish to cancel an order after you’ve placed it, call us as soon as you can. Your order will be cancelled if the product is not sent out for delivery, and you won’t be charged a cancellation fee. However, if the product has already been shipped and you phone to cancel, you will be charged a cancellation fee of Rs. 200 plus 2% of the total amount paid online. Please be aware that depending on where you are, this price can be different.

When and how will I receive my refund?

Within 7 to 10 business days, the refund should be automatically paid to your credit or debit card account.

Incorrect returns

If you return a product in violation of this policy (and you have no other legal justification for doing so):

(A) We do not offer product refunds or exchanges;

(b) Until you pay us the additional sum we may charge for redelivery of the returned product, we may keep the returned product.
(c) If the client cancels the order or the battery is found to be in good condition, a service fee of at least Rs. 200 will be charged.
(d) Service fees are applicable if the vehicle won’t start after the battery has been replaced.