Warranty of Battery Dukan

For those who live in locations with severe power outages, batteries are a godsend. Frequent power outages have an impact on our moods and productivity. Imagine working on a necessary task while seated in front of your computer when power outages occur. It takes a backup in these circumstances to preserve our work’s integrity.

The challenge now is deciding which battery to pick and which inverter is dependable and will address our problems. A large selection of trusted brand batteries from Battery Dukan are 100% genuine and come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

The assurance is now advantageous to any customer who purchases a particular product. If an appliance breaks down while being used, the supplier will replace it or repair it for a predetermined amount of time at no charge to the customer.

As negotiated by their suppliers, Battery Dukan offers a wide range of warranty assurances. The manufacturer has made the final choice regarding Exide batteries, which are available on this page.

When should the warranty be used?

Although there is extremely little possibility that the gadget will have any issues, we are here to assist you if you do. We will assist you if there is a problem installing the gadget or customers are unable to comprehend how the system is supposed to work.

Battery-related technical issues. The battery is either not fully charged or it does not last the required number of hours. For any issues, get in touch with the corresponding battery’s customer care. Customers can get free service if the product is still covered by the warranty.

How do I make a claim for any product during the warranty period?

There is a procedure for reporting the product during the warranty period. Only the warranty card is required for the material’s repair or replacement. The following actions must be made to enforce the guarantee:

Display the original paperwork: When customers buy an item, they are given a bill and a warranty card. To apply for their product’s warranty, you must have the original warranty cards.

Contact customer service: Each business has its own service centres created especially to address the issues of its clients. Users will be given a particular customer service number. Therefore, call the customer service line for the relevant manufacturer as soon as a problem with the equipment arises. Give the representative the product/battery specifications and describe the issue you had. Or if its a vehicular battery then you can visit the nearest Exide Care to claim your warranty.

Note: Without the original warranty card and invoice copy, no manufacturer will consider warranty claims. In the rare instances where a company does not issue a warranty card to a customer, the customer should save the original invoice copy for warranty purposes.

Only the promises or guarantees provided during the product sale are the producers’ responsibility. If the battery is dropped or there is water damage, the provider is not responsible for the goods; you are only required to address issues brought on by technical mistakes.
Because Battery Dukan’s products are authentic, consumers are given warranty services for every item they buy.