Battery Dukan offers the most affordable pure sine wave inverters in India!

Power outages being experienced? Trying to find an inverter? Your electronic and electrical devices can avoid a setback with a power backup. The finest inverter for your home to prevent harm to your electronic and electrical devices during sudden or frequent power outages is one made using pure sine wave technology.

An extensive selection of inverters from Microtek and Exide are available from Battery Dukan. The most recent technology is used in the development of these inverters to support electrical and electronic devices of today. They guarantee excellent performance and meet all customer needs. These inverters provide a consistent, smooth power source that doesn’t fluctuate in power or fade.

What advantages do pure sine wave inverters have?

Power that is identical to the real is produced by pure sine wave inverters. You run the danger of breaking or even malfunctioning your equipment if you use any other kind of inverter. Due to the steady static power flow, this risk is negligible with pure sine wave inverters. Here are a few significant benefits:

• Equivalent power to power grids:The wave that is produced resembles the regular, smooth waveform of primary electricity. Inverter’s sinusoidal wave form does not become distorted under different electrical loads, whether they are resistive, capacitive, or inductive.

• The dangers to devices are minimal: The use of a pure sine wave inverter guards against electrical and high-end electronic damage. When you use electrical or electronic equipment like microwaves, refrigerators, and others, it might generate too much heat and noise, endangering your gadget. These inverters keep these electronic devices safe.

• Consistent and smooth current flow: In contrast to modified wave inverters, the pure wave inverter supplies undistorted sine wave form to the devices.

Noiseless performance: You can get grating and humming sounds from the lights and fans while using the standard inverters. Inverters that produce only pure sine waves are quieter, cleaner, and cooler.

• Compatible with a range of appliances: Nearly all devices have these pure sine wave inverters, which have the grid-like wave pattern in place.

If you are looking for home inverters, there are some models available on our website:

• Exide Inverterz GQP: A pure sine wave inverter with a 100% pure copper transformer and a combination LCD and LED display of the highest calibre. The inverters have excellent power-saving features and automatic smart protection. includes a 42-month warranty.

• Exide Inverterz Star: This cutting-edge pure sine wave output based inverter with aluminium transformer can operate at both high and low voltages. The gadget has a 42-month warranty and a user interface with LED display.

• Exide Inverterz Magic: An inverter with regulated output that is appropriate for low-voltage use. includes a 42-month guarantee as well as intelligent built-in safety for overload, short circuits, AC back feed, and more.

Microtek Energy Saver Sinewave: Energy Saver Environment Friendly UPS Series is the most Energy effcient UPS Series in its Category. It is powered by the industry lowest Watt Loss EI Core Transformer that helps in saving the Maximum Electricity in its category, and hence our Hard Earned Money. Find all models on our website.

Microtek iMerlyn Sinewave: iMerlyn Is the Intelligent premium UPS Series that Has Heavy Load Handling Capacity and adds to the Beauty of your home with its inspiring Looks. its 5 Stage Battery Charging Mechanism Keeps the Battery Healthy & also Provided Longer Battery Life. Find all models on our website.

On our website, you may get the top inverters produced with pure sine wave technology. In addition to guaranteeing the safety of your appliances, the consistent electricity from these Exide inverters can also increase the lifespan of pricey electronics devices that depend on the inverter.

It makes sense that they are trusted for ongoing protection against short-circuit, reverse polarity, etc. in homes and offices. Get one now!

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